REAL Business & Marketing Tips Learned from Making Classic Cult Movies!


[Jeff Sass] has managed to turn his experiences in Tromaville into a veritable MBA course for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, business, and marketing…an extremely entertaining and funny look behind the scenes and under Kabukiman’s kimono, but within Sass’s Troma tales are real, very meaningful lessons of business value for everyone.
—Troma Cofounder, Lloyd Kaufman

An established and successful chief marketing officer and entrepreneur, once upon a time Jeff Sass spent seven years making low-budget action/horror films for legendary independent movie studio Troma, home of The Toxic Avenger. It turns out there are a lot of similarities between filmmaking and starting companies, and the lessons Jeff learned making B-movies have served him well in the C-Suite.

Everything I Know about Business and Marketing, I Learned from The Toxic Avenger (One Man’s Journey to Hell’s Kitchen and Back) is full of practical business and marketing insight and inspiration drawn from the often comical trials and tribulations of creating cult-classic independent films. Sass shares lessons learned from his experiences ranging from Rabid Grannies to Reading Rainbow (yes, at one time Troma actually represented licensing rights to the Emmy Award–Winning PBS TV series!), and he cleverly turns his tales of moviemaking mayhem into useful nuggets of business and marketing wisdom applicable to any industry, including yours.