“One part memoir, one part marketing guide…” – Nice Review by @TheDaddyComplex

Toxie and @DavidVienna give my book a glowing review…  (via Giphy)

Getting a glowing review on Amazon is great (please leave one!) It is also great to get a review on a popular blog – in this case the witty and well regarded The Daddy Complex, written by David Vienna. Once upon a time, I too was a “dad blogger” and I first met David at the Dad2Summit back in 2013. When he learned that I had once worked for Troma, whereas most folks run away when they become aware of my illustrious past, David embraced it (and me). I knew at once I had met a true Troma fan. In David’s own words:

I was an awkward kid and not into things like “going outdoors” or “maintaining friendships.” So I spent literally every day watching movies—either rented from the local video store or whatever was on late-night TV. I was into cult films and low budget stuff, so one of my favorite movie studios was Troma.

With that in mind, I was happy to send David a copy of Everything I Know about Business and Marketing, I Learned from THE TOXIC AVENGER. I was eager to get his feedback, and honored when he chose to write about the book.

Jeffrey took all of his absolutely batshit crazy experiences at Troma and turned them into a marketing how-to book with the best title ever… What’s great about the book is it actually serves a dual purpose. One part memoir, one part marketing guide—Everything I Know offers short digestible stories of the madness Jeffrey experienced while at Troma and pulls simple marketing lesson from the somewhat organized chaos.

You can read the full review at TheDaddyComplex.

By the way, David is not just a blogger, he’s the author of two books himself. Check them out:

And while you’re at it, don’t forget my book!